Learn Anime Terminology With Senpai – Misused Terms

In this post we explore the words Moe, Otaku, and Weeb/Weeaboo. They're often misused, and if used with the wrong person, it can be quite insulting.


Learn Anime Terminology With Senpai – Categories

Senpai has noticed that you, my kouhai, struggle to understand some of the complicated anime terminologies that Anime-sensei was trying to teach you. Well, it's time to learn these words as early as we can so you can be ready for the exam. Time flies, so let's start.

2018 Anime Roundup

I'm sorry this post is late! Yesterday I had an insane headache and I couldn't find painkillers. My mom was asleep and couldn't tell me either, which made it worse. Also, a little warning. My concentration was terrible while writing quite a bit of this post, so it's probably one of the worst posts I've... Continue Reading →

The Infamous Filler Post

Day 6 of the 12 Days of Anime Sometimes an anime really need to pad for time. They have a set amount of episodes to finish up what they're doing, and to stretch the story to fit within that episode count, they may have to add an episode where nothing really happens. This post is... Continue Reading →

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