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#4 Octavarium – Dream Theater

Music Recommendation Post #4

First of all, I’m on my phone and I don’t remember how many I’ve done. I’ll fix it tomorrow if the number is wrong

It should come as no surprise if you know me that I like music that isn’t exactly pop. Progressive rock is probably my favourite genre, so long songs tend to scratch my itch. I mean, this song doesn’t even have vocals until 5 minutes in.

Octavarium is definitely my favourite song by Dream Theater. It’s also coincidentally their longest song and the first song of them I heard knowing it was them. It goes through several different stages which could be called separate songs, but all bound together as one whole.

What I really love about it is how it starts off as this calm song, building up and up and up over time. Growing in complexity. The first part is pretty straightforward, but then over time, it introduces more complex rhythms. At some points later in it’s difficult to figure out the time signature, as it changes between different time signatures



3 thoughts on “#4 Octavarium – Dream Theater

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  1. Love Octavarium.

    I used to work weekends in the office, when managers weren’t around and I ended up getting into the habit of listening to the album start to finish every weekend. Brilliant album, and I love how it all comes together in the end when you listen to it in order, which is important! As you say, this song brings it all together.


    1. Haha, I just re-read this post now. It was seriously poorly written xD

      But yeah, for some reason I haven’t heard the whole album in order, but I guess I have to do that at some point! The song is amazing, so I’m gonna bet the album is too!

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      1. Yeah, it was intentionally designed to be listened to in order, just like what a lot of bands used to do in the old days with records. If you like the song, you’ll love the album!


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