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#2 PA system

Music Recommendation Post #2

This one might be a little cruel of me. It’s just my second post in a series that I’ve barely even touched since I started and I’m already recommending my own music. But I just uploaded some music I was gonna upload long time ago, so I guess it was time to do this.

Last semester I had an exam where I had to record stuff in a studio and so on. I decided to record an older composition of mine in the studio and create one entirely new song for this exam. I’m pretty happy with the songs I made, but the grade was sadly not that much to my liking which is why I didn’t upload it for the longest time.

Anyways, they’re pretty experimental in style, one focusing heavily on experimentation with dissonance and the other experimentation in effects and other stuff. I hope you’ll enjoy my music 🙂

Abandoned House [Studio Recording]

Life is no Symphony

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