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#3 Radiohead – Pyramid Song

Music Recommendation Post #3

I just wrote this long post about how awesome Pyramid Song by Radiohead is, but then I accidentally pressed a link to a group when I was gonna edit something and lost it all 😦

Anyways, I wanted to recommend Radiohead in general and Pyramid Song is a great song to showcase their experimental nature. The way they use a half-tempo, swung bossa-nova clave, changing chords on non-strong beats and having it all shifted so that the one beat isn’t a strong beat makes it sound like it constantly keeps going.

The pianist famously couldn’t do it live once. He had what he called “a temporary loss of information”. It’s really technical to play. The thing is that you need to feel the beat correctly to play it with the right feel. That’s why the players swing their bodies at double the tempo, almost as if they were listening to pop music when playing xD



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