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#6 Leprous

Music Recommendation Post #6

I’ve been putting this off for too long now, time to just do it and make some music recommendation posts!

Leprous is a Norwegian prog. rock band that keeps to a much more poppy sound than most prog. rock bands tend to do, while still using a lot of the techniques we’re familiar with in the prog. rock scene. That’s why, if I were to try to get a pop listener into prog. rock, I’d likely start with one of their albums.

They recently released a new album that I was quite fortunate to be able to watch them practice for recently. I actually filmed some of it too. They had a practice weekend last week where they practised for what I assume to be an upcoming tour. (edit from future me: the teacher I’m talking about later in the post is currently not teaching as he’s touring, so I was right there)

I wouldn’t necessarily use the most recent album to get a pop listener into prog. rock, but it’s still pretty good, so if you’re already into prog. rock, I would definitely recommend that for you!

But considering my point with this post is to get newcomers into prog. rock, I want to start by recommending something they might like. So let me recommend the most popular song they have which is also still pretty fucking good!

The Price has had 4 million listens on Spotify and makes up the most popular song they have. It’s got some pretty interesting rhythms and it was pretty fun having the bassist talk about in class once. He told us it was pretty difficult to play xD

And yeah, here’s a disclaimer, the bassist used to be my teacher, however, I like their music and wouldn’t recommend it if it wasn’t for that.

I’ll also put in the second most popular song here which is From The Flame which I think is a bit more newbie friendly still.

Oh, and goddamn, the vocalist goes so high! How does he do that?! O.O

The Price

From The Flame

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