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#1 Gyari

Music Recommendation Post #1


I started writing some music recommendation posts a while ago on Kitsu, and the latest post I made simply ended up way too long to post on there. That’s why I’ve decided to post them all on here. Keep in mind that the older posts may not be as good as my current ones in terms of writing as I post these with a fairly big gap between each post.


I was just recommending the only Vocaloid music I listen to for someone and I felt like I should recommend it here as well as I seriously love their music!

Basically, the reason why I like this so much is that they can make some really long jazz songs using the Vocaloid more as an instrument on its own premises than to replace a real vocalist. They make some amazing upbeat jazz that is simply awesome to listen to and the long ones always give a huge payoff after that long runtime! They feel like they had to be that long because that’s how long the song lasted instead of being dragged out to be long.

Seriously, if you get the appeal of long songs you should already be listening to this. Stop reading and just listen for yourself!

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