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From Software, Difficulty, and Accessibility

If you've ever encountered a hardcore FromSoft fan, you'll know that the one thing they're almost certain to defend is the difficulty in those games. The catchphrase "Git Gud" stemmed from players not being good enough to progress in Dark Souls, and hardcore players wanting new players to go through the same difficulty that they... Continue Reading →

What You Actually Can Expect Based on Studio Names

I've long been an advocate of studios doesn't matter, you should look at staff names. And that is still true, however, there are also certain things you can expect based on which studios are making an anime, so let me talk a bit about what to expect and what not to expect. Be aware that... Continue Reading →

Isekai Can Still Be Good

Day 1 of the 12 days of anime I'm starting 12 Days of Anime a little earlier than everyone else as I celebrate Christmas on the 24th. I don't really want to post on Christmas itself, so I'll instead end on the 23rd of December. I'll be starting out with this post, as I'd rather... Continue Reading →

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