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#8 Music Recommendation: By:Larm Special Edition

Music Recommendation Post #8 I recently went to a music festival in Oslo City called By:Larm, in which a bunch of bands goes on to perform short concerts mostly hitting just around 30 minutes with the rare exception of an hour or two. In this post I'll write a little about all the concerts I... Continue Reading →

#7 Chet Baker – I Fall in Love too Easily

Music Recommendation Post #7 Just doing a quick one today This song feels like it was written about me. I often come back to it because I feel the need to listen to it. It’s just a song that tells the story about me. I fall in love way too easily, I fall in love... Continue Reading →

#6 Leprous

Music Recommendation Post #6 I’ve been putting this off for too long now, time to just do it and make some music recommendation posts! Leprous is a Norwegian prog. rock band that keeps to a much more poppy sound than most prog. rock bands tend to do, while still using a lot of the techniques... Continue Reading →

#5 The Human Equation – Ayreon

Music Recommendation Post #5 Today I had to choose a whole album instead of picking a single song. Please let me explain why. In terms of albums, there are inherently three types of albums. We have the collection album that collects a bunch of different artists in one place (Hits for Kids and similar). There... Continue Reading →

#4 Octavarium – Dream Theater

Music Recommendation Post #4 First of all, I’m on my phone and I don’t remember how many I’ve done. I’ll fix it tomorrow if the number is wrong It should come as no surprise if you know me that I like music that isn’t exactly pop. Progressive rock is probably my favourite genre, so long... Continue Reading →

#3 Radiohead – Pyramid Song

Music Recommendation Post #3 I just wrote this long post about how awesome Pyramid Song by Radiohead is, but then I accidentally pressed a link to a group when I was gonna edit something and lost it all 😦 Anyways, I wanted to recommend Radiohead in general and Pyramid Song is a great song to... Continue Reading →

#2 PA system

Music Recommendation Post #2 This one might be a little cruel of me. It’s just my second post in a series that I’ve barely even touched since I started and I’m already recommending my own music. But I just uploaded some music I was gonna upload long time ago, so I guess it was time... Continue Reading →

#1 Gyari

Music Recommendation Post #1 __________________ I started writing some music recommendation posts a while ago on Kitsu, and the latest post I made simply ended up way too long to post on there. That's why I've decided to post them all on here. Keep in mind that the older posts may not be as good... Continue Reading →

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