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Boogiepop & Others, Domestic Girlfriend, Grimms Notes, Meiji Tokyo Renka, and Kemurikusa – Early Winter 2019 Roundup – Part 2

I had to change the name of this series of posts, as I've been procrastinating a bit lately. These posts are no longer just about the first episodes, but about the first few episodes, as in some cases, multiple episodes may have aired. I'll specify how many episodes I've currently seen of each show.   ... Continue Reading →

12 Days of Anime

I've decided that I'll try participating in the '12 Days of Anime' challenge. Basically, it means that I'll post a post about an anime I've watched this year every day between December 14th and December 25th. I'll probably write these ahead of time, and I would prefer to do a proper post for each one.... Continue Reading →

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