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The Infamous Filler Post

Day 6 of the 12 Days of Anime

Sometimes an anime really need to pad for time. They have a set amount of episodes to finish up what they’re doing, and to stretch the story to fit within that episode count, they may have to add an episode where nothing really happens. This post is kinda like that. This is the 12 Days of Anime post that is made mostly to fill for time, however, if you know me, I’m still gonna put in the effort to say something unique, or something of value. Or at least that’s my intention, we’ll just have to see if that’s where we end up.

Usually what sparks me to write a post is that I watch/listen to something and find a specific aspect about it interesting. Sometimes that may be as specific as one background in one scene, in one episode of one anime. Or it could be something much broader, like what kind of backgrounds I like in general. Damn, I’m so creative today.

For one, I want to suggest a new watch order to the Monogatari series, because I’m currently rewatching it with Monogatari-teller and we realized how changing up the watch order could actually be beneficial to the first-time viewing experience.

I also want to make a post about the first episode of Violet Evergarden, because I see some (probably very specific) people that dropped it because the first episode didn’t give them anything. I for one believe there’s a lot to gain from the first episode, but I need to rewatch it to comment on that. I also just want to get better at arguing and writing before I go down that lane because the factor that made me decide to want to write it was because Digibro dropped it.

Then I also want to make a much more general post, a recommendation for Dragon Pilot: Hisone & Masotan, as I find that show quite great, especially considering it’s a Mari Okada written anime. However, I haven’t finished that show yet, so I’m gonna hold off on that for now.

Then I have ideas for posts about voice acting, visuals, writing, and much more that I just want to make, but I feel like I lack the talent to do so yet. Some posts I just feel like I really want to put in that extra to, so that I can make a really good point that can be looked back upon at a later date. However, I’m not using this as an excuse to not write. No, I won’t do that. I’m just holding off on certain specific topics, as they are really tricky to write convincingly about.

What I do is that I watch anime and then get a sudden urge to write, which I then do. However, the 12 Days of Anime has made this difficult because now I have to come up with ideas instead of letting the ideas come to me. For anyone who struggles with not getting the idea in the first place, this may sound counterintuitive, as you’d never make a post then, however, I constantly look for something to write about, so that’s not quite how it is for me. Actually, almost every time I watch an anime I get an idea for something I could write about. Then I just filter whether or not the idea is worth spending time on or not. What can be gained from elaborating on the topic? Because that’s what I essentially write for.

I don’t write to seek an audience, but to elaborate and put my thoughts into words. Honestly, as long as there’s somebody actually reading my posts, that’s enough. I find it amusing that someone likes my posts because that means that what I’m doing is worthwhile for others than just me. However, that’s not really why I write. I write for myself primarily, for an audience secondary. I also write to improve my ability to analyze, for myself and others.

Actually, scratch that. I also write because I love to share. I really like to share. Like, one thing that really gives me a lot is to share what I love with others and see that they also enjoy it. Sometimes I see people that don’t like something I do, and I may write a post that goes into detail as to other reasons why something may be worth watching. I made a post about Himote House once which made some people actually appreciate it a bit more. Perhaps I’ll repost it here if I run out of time one day.

Well, this concludes my filler post. If you made it to the end, I really appreciate your effort. Thank you for your support. Even if I primarily write for myself, I still love you for actually reading my stuff, especially when I start out by saying that this is a filler post. I mean, even the title says it’s filler! Hopefully, I’ll get around to a post where I compile a list of the anime that I enjoyed this year and why I did soon =)

And at least I gained one thing from writing this post. That would be an idea. I’ll now have to write a post about filler episodes in anime sometime.

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