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12 Days of Anime

I’ve decided that I’ll try participating in the ’12 Days of Anime’ challenge. Basically, it means that I’ll post a post about an anime I’ve watched this year every day between December 14th and December 25th.

I’ll probably write these ahead of time, and I would prefer to do a proper post for each one. However, I can’t promise that all of them will be of equal quality, as I may simply not have time for it. We’ll see. Writing a post at around 1500 words can take an hour or two if I’m quick.

I still wanna do this though, as I love writing, and this is a way to force myself to do that, so I’m looking forward to making these posts. Hopefully, it’ll be a fun experience that I can learn a lot from =)

Edit: I forgot to put in a link to the spreadsheet if anyone else wanna join or see who else is in on this… Here it is also, here’s a link to the blog-post explaining the rules

Also, I guess you guys might’ve noticed who my waifu is already 😛

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