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About Me

Listen to this while reading, as I’m listening to it while writing and it’s awesome 😉
Kaiki Deshu Theme

I write gonzo journalism. Don’t take my words as fact. I present my viewpoints and try to make people understand why I think like I do. I may present my ideas as facts, but they’re not. They’re just my opinions based on what I can see.

Anime lists (unlinked are upcoming, I’ll spread them out over time)
Visually Interesting Arthouse
Psychological Anime
– Visually Unique
– Amazing Animation
– Gorgeous Backgrounds
– Snarky Main Characters
– Emotionally Touching
– Stunning Cinematography/Directing

How I score anime
First of all, I score franchises in cases where there’s not much difference in seasons, that’s why I only rate the first season. It accounts for the full series. If I have one show in a franchise with a different score, that one is the exception. Everything going from the first season will be the same, except that one season I rated differently

10 – An absolute masterpiece, this gave me that something extra that nothing else has given me
9 – This is truly great. I find this almost as good as my 10’s, however, it didn’t give me that something extra that a 10 does.
8 – The show may be really good, but it both lacks that something extra for me and may have a couple of notable flaws or uninteresting moments
7 – The show is starting to get more flaws or more uninteresting moments. It’s still good enough that I keep watching it
6 – Still enjoyable, but may not be that interesting for me. It’s still worth watching in most cases unless I have some shows higher up that I’d rather want to watch
5 – The show feels very generic, it’s just another run of the mill show that I don’t have much interest in. I may still complete it depending on my mood
4 – At this point, the show is starting to turn into the territory of being bad. There’s something I don’t like about it, but it still has several redeeming factors that may make me finish it
3 – From here on out it’s less likely that I’ll ever finish it. A show with this score may only have one or two redeeming features, the rest is quite bad
2 – If I finish a show with this score I’ve usually forced myself through it or it was short enough that I still finished it. There’s barely anything good about it at all
1 – This spot is reserved for the worst of the worst. Here I put shows that either actively insulted me (Evangelion 3.0) or just didn’t have anything good about it at all and was still extremely bad (Ousama Game The Animation)

On my drop policy
I drop a lot of shows. You may have noticed if you’ve checked out my list. Why do I do that? Well, I believe that every anime should be tried, but not every anime is worth my time. Sometimes I drop something after a couple of minutes, sometimes after an episode or more. The reasons why I drop something may differ, but they usually fall into the category of execution. If I find the writing obtuse or the characters uninteresting, I will most likely drop it. That also goes for the visual side as well, as I am a sakuga otaku! If you think I’ve dropped something by accident, tell me, I might pick it back up! Nothing in my drop list is permanently dropped.

Sometimes I drop stuff that I don’t think is bad either. This may simply be because I started it and figured, while this is good, it’s not giving me enough and I’d rather watch something else that did the same thing better instead. They don’t always have to be bad, but sometimes I think they are.

My tastes
I like a lot of stuff in general and often have very specific reasons for liking or disliking something, so it may be hard to tell unless you’re me, however, I’ll try to describe my tastes in as broad terms as possible, perhaps using examples too:

Plot or characters? I definitely prefer well-written characters over a great plot. Just look at my favorite shows, with an exception for Made in Abyss, they’re all character driven! Evangelion has some of the most realistic and natural character psychoanalysis I’ve seen (Welcome to the N.H.K. comes close). I also like my slice-of-life shows that are character-driven, like K-On and Tamako Market (both also being by my favorite director, Naoko Yamada). The Monogatari series has some of the best-written dialogues I’ve seen as well as fantastic visual storytelling!

A serious story or a light-hearted one? Why did I ask myself this? I mean, I like both depending on how they’re done. I like the serious psychological shows like Evangelion, Aku no Hana, and Kaiji. I like the in-betweeners like Hourou Musuko and The Monogatari series. And in the end, I also like light-hearted and fun shows like Gintama or Ponyo.

What do you like in animation? Great question. This is something I wanna make a video on some day because it’s such an extensive topic! I have very specific tastes in animation in general and can both enjoy extremely careful animation with a whole lot of attention to detail just as much as limited animation. In general, I seem to enjoy looking at older art more than modern though, so I prefer the animation in the original Evangelion over the rebuilds. But that doesn’t run true for everything. I love just about every single KyoAni show both visually and otherwise. It really depends and I now realize that it’s a much better idea to make a video on this and then update this section later…

What do you dislike? Not much, but at the same time, a lot. I dislike bad writing, especially in the characters department (I’m much more forgiving with a story, probably also a reason why I’m a Nintendo fan). I also dislike anime which clearly shows that was made without passion. I love passion projects, which again is a reason why I love KyoAni.

What kind of characters do you tend to prefer/relate to? I usually relate to female characters more than I do male characters, but that’s not always true. Some of my favorite characters are Kaji from Evangelion, because of how carefree in general and when it comes to sex, Kaiki Deshuu from The Monogatari series, which is just a really cool character and Gintoki for his carefree attitude and how he is always there in the end when he is needed. I tend to prefer female characters though as you may see in my favorite characters list.

About me specifically
How long have you been into anime? I’ve watched anime consciously since the beginning of 2016. I was recommended both One Piece and Cowboy Bebop at the time and ended up reading and watching One Piece at the same time. Eventually, I dropped the anime but kept watching other anime at least. A lot of the weirdest shit I’ve seen (Kodomo no Jikan and Astarotte no Omocha) were both from my early days of anime. Same with Death Note, To-Love Ru and a lot of the psychological anime I’ve seen (that’s what got me properly into anime).

What else do you do than anime? I chat on discord about anime. I play video games, especially Nintendo games and I study music technology. If I deem you worthy, I might just send you an invite to my Discord server as well =)

Do you analyze anime? Oh, yes, sir (or sir-ette?)! Or, rather, I’m planning to. I’ve been doing it a lot without writing anything down, but I’m planning to start up my Youtube channel and actually make good content, unlike the first video I made half a year ago (which sucks, don’t watch it, I disagree with it). If you want to check it out, I have a link at the top of my profile.

In conclusion. I love character-driven shows, usually featuring cute girls. The cute girls are what drives me forward every day, especially K-On! I’ll make some other post some other time where I will go into more detail as to why I have the shows I have on my favorite list.

I guess I’m starting my blog now. It’ll probably suck for a while, so bare with me while I get things sorted and become good enough to write great posts


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